Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Good To Be Back!

I arrived back from New York last night; tired, over-heated, over-fed, over-shopped, and over-walked but happy. It was a great trip and loads of fun but it is good to be back home! I took a lot of pictures and will will be posting some of them, intermixed with other things over next the next few weeks. Above is my pumpernickel bagel with lox cream cheese--you can't get great bagels (especially pumpernickel) here in Hawaii!

Lucky for me today is a State holiday (King Kamehameha Day) and the only State holiday that my workplace just happens to be closed on, so I got to spend the day semi-relaxing, unpacking and doing laundry. I also spent a couple of hours getting my living room/dining area photographed. (How fun is it to say that!!??!!) This past fall I decided I needed to do something with my house and get the off-white carpet, off-white drapes and white walls out of here. I ended up working with a wonderful and fantastically talented designer, Isla, who made it beautiful! They wanted to take some professional shots of the rooms and since I was off work--today was the day. So for almost two hours we "fluffed" and moved things around to get the best possible shots, (OK, I mostly watched while they did everything!). I realized why I will never be a great photographer--in addition to not having the "eye", I lack the patience to take the picture over and over again to make sure the light and angle are just right. It was quite the experience to absorb--especially while jet lagged! Anyway I should get to see the pictures in a few days.

While we were schlepping and fluffing, I mentioned to Isla that I was driving my friends crazy in New York, as I made them wait to eat everything while I photographed all our meals because I had started this blog. I found out she has a blog too--take a look here! BTW--I am "Fun Living, Dining Area". :-) The pictures on her blog are ones that Isla took--which I think are pretty terrific too!


  1. You're too sweet!! I LOVE your site too, it will be big time i can tell :-)
    Maybe someday when i start my little inspiration/design studio/cafe you can have some of your goodies in there!
    I had fun today, hope to see you again soon...i

  2. I forgot to mention you're good with your digital camera!! I love all the blue and white in the background, that could be a fun "common thread" throughout your site...:-)


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