Saturday, June 14, 2008

Steamed Salmon with Matcha Green Tea & Yogurt Sauce on Salad Greens

After being on a week of an endless eating orgy involving rich food, sugar, fat and pastries in New York, my body is screaming for simple, healthy foods. (Thank God for the endless walking we did or I would have come back with an extra 20 lbs, instead of the 2 extra I brought back) Also, although I truly believe you can only claim one day of jet lag for every two time zones (which means I had until yesterday to snap out of it) I feel tired, achy and out of sorts. This means tonight's dinner had to be quick, low effort and healthy, so having thought to defrost some wild salmon I had in the freezer, I decided to steam it in the microwave, add a simple sauce/dressing and eat it with some local greens from my CSA box.

For the salmon, I used my microwave steamer--mostly to save time and effort rather than poaching which I would normally do. So about 2 minutes and 35 seconds later, for two 6 oz (ish) salmon fillets my salmon was done and set in the fridge to cool down.

On to the sauce... I knew I wanted to use yogurt, lemon and dill but wanted something to "jazz it up" a bit and I remembered I had some matcha green tea, for cooking and decided to throw that in. The brand I have is Muzi, which I bought a while back at Origins. That and a couple of other ingredients made an easy sauce for the fish / dressing for the greens.
Matcha Green Tea & Yogurt Sauce
1/2 cup good quality low-fat yogurt, (preferably Greek--I used Fage 2%)
2 Tsp Matcha Green Tea powder
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
1 Tsp Honey
2 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Dill
pinch of salt
Mix all ingredients together. Place the fish on the salad greens and spoon sauce over fish. Garnish with dill springs and lemon slices.
Although I don't think it photographed too well it tasted great. The fact I put it in a shallow bowl for maximum couch-potato efficiency (hey, I said I was tired!) instead of a nice plate, probably added to it's lack of "photogenicness". Adding honey (you could also use agave, sugar or another sweetener) off-sets the slight bitterness of the tea and the tang of of the lemon and yogurt. The sauce makes a nice dressing for the salad greens too. When you think about all the omega-3s in the salmon, the antioxidants in the tea and the nutritional benefits of the yogurt, it's a pretty healthy and tasty meal. My body thanks me! :-)


  1. Thanks for visiting my site. I like the idea of adding matcha to the sauce. It would taste good and look pretty.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site also, your matcha sauce sounds really good!


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